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It's crazy how fast time can fly and something that was so close to you at one point can suddenly be the past. I used to use TTG everyday when I was just a young ant running around on MW2 and BO2 days.

Met people on here that provided me with friends I still talk to till this day, over 7-8 years later that stemmed from a lobby I rented from Teh1337 great times

I'm not doing much in life at this moment and need to get myself together but if anyone remembers me or is is still around say Hi!

Nice to just sign in and see a few old names myself

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Glad to see you remember us, lots of the people from mw2 lobbies are still here!
Hope you're doing well
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Jeez, welcome back boss man
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Welcome back mate!
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Welcome back ma man. Hope you enjoy your stay brother
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Welcome back hope to see you around
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Welcome back! I hosted on both 360 and PS3...
My name has since changed on the Forums though.
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Welcome back man! Come over to the shoutbox and hangout sometime
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welcome back, i remember those mw2 days. thats also when i found ttg and met some friends doing so and still talk to them to this day. its amazing.
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Welcome back man! Those were the days I still miss it, MW2 is one of my all time favorite CODs! Glad to see more older members come back
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