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Basically, I am curious....Has anyone here on TTG done a job Door to Door?

I dont sell anything. What my company offers is completely free. I know I am good at the job and I have proved that. If I receive any responses I will elaborate on my main concerns about this.
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I have never worked a door to door job but i imagine it's not easy unless your good with words
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yes i actually have mate for a fundraiser before a few years back.

was well payed and gives you good confidence.

I do outdoor/ forestry work usually so i went back to that.
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Never door to door work, I'm more of a sit down IT dude or an installation engineer haha
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So like Jehovah's Witness type of stuff? Nah.
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Never done that type of work, I imagine it would be quite tough unless you're a word wizard as well. Usually the people around here are talking about "can we come in your house and check your taps" or furnace or something that just seems sketch. Never had anyone approach about like a vacuum or stuff like that though.
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I mean when I was a kid we'd do school fundraisers and I'd walk around the neighborhood but that's not what you're really asking.

Btw if someone comes knocking on my front door offering a free service, they are getting the door slammed in their face and a check up from the PD.
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Never did a door to door. Most people don't want to be bothered lol
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Absolutely not, social anxiety doesn't go well with that kinda job
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I'm in sales, recruitment in fact. There is a small aspect of door knocking via cold calling. However, i could never do an outside door to door sales role. Primarily because there's nothing worse than someone knocking at my door asking if i want a new driveway when i live in a new build house... So they don't normally get the best side of me
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