GeneralHave you ever had any wisdoms teeth removed ?Posted:

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Have you ever had any wisdoms teeth removed ?

So far iv only had 2.

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Fortunatly not, the worst thing I have ever had happen to my teeth is cavities.
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I've had a tooth pulled but not wisdom teeth yet and it's something I'm not looking forward to lol
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Yeah a few years ago I had my wisdom teeth pulled, they put me to sleep and I woke up dizzy and in pain but I had pain killers so it only hurt really bad for 1 day!
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Same, only two.

I should probably book the appointment for the other two.
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I've had two taken out. Put me to sleep and woke up laughing the next. Never did take the pain killers they prescribed me.
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Yes and brutal lol
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Not yet but 1 is coming in i think :/
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not all all
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Actually got all four removed on Friday.

If you get any removed you should do them all at once, no reason to wait.
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