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I'm on Xbox playing infected i got 42 kill streak, 32 kill streak and 35 kill streak over the whole day not once did i get a nuke... i even went the whole 42 kills with only my gun.. the oden.

Any advice???
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Did you get any claymore kills? If you got some of them they will not count towards your nuke or other people might have had the nuke but there was too many to call in one nuke, henceforth they did remove giant ground war due to cold exploit lol
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I have the calling card. But some friends and I did some infected to get them the card. One game was 32 the other 45. No nuke. I'm wondering if they either pulled it from infected. Or they made it so you can't have friends in the lobby.
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You can't get a nuke if you are playing in a party, even if your party dies, they did it so potential boosters can't get nukes...on infected
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