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Today marks my 10 year anniversary of creating my account and I just wanna say it's been a wonderful time so far!

Not as active as an OG should be but like me I'm sure most of us have the same ole' MW2 modded lobby story (lol) upon creating their account.

I check the site whenever I can because I like it and it stuck with me after all this time so here's to another 10 years!

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Congrats bro! 10 years and still sticking around!
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Damn I thought I was old. Jk! Congrats on 10 years!
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Congrats on the 10 years!
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Congrats on a whole decade on ttg my dude
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That is a long time! Feel free to come by the shoutbox sometime when you're checking on the site!
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Woah nice one, not many members have been here that long.
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That's a long time! Congratulations on 10 years man
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I am just glad you still lurk and check in with us. Cool to see more old timers! Congrats on a decade
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Grats on 10 Years bro thats mad a whole decade!
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