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Hello, I'm RADiiCoNiX. I got my name from a old friend on ps3 that started a modding community with iiCoNiX as a suffix, his psn was TTGiiCoNiX.

I started modding cod4 and mw2 on xbox 360 having the modded button/colored gamertags and using modio, hex editior, etc etc, then I moved to ps3 and modded just about all the other call of duty games and making my own cfg menu's. That was high school, fast forward through the military and life and now I'm back checking up on modern warfare stuff and finally feel like they release a call of duty I can stand behind again without all the flying/running on walls stuff.

I hope to see you guys around, help out, or game with some of you.

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Welcome back man!
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Welcome back. Hope to see you around.
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Welcome back pal, thank you for your service! I also agree on the wall running stuff and jet packs that shit was dumb I hope they never do that again!
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welcome back man and thx for ur services.
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