GeneralKFC or Popeyes... which is best?Posted:

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So I'm really in the mood for some chicken, so I wanted to see what you guys thought was better cause I rarely get it. Thanks guys!

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Popeyes ez
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I prefer popeyes
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KFC is life sorryy Popeyes loverss
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Kfc as that's all we get haha.
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KFC all the way bro
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KFC for sure, they have something called a famous bowl. Would 100% recommend.
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If you prefer spicy then go for Popeyes, If you prefer not so spicy food KFC. They are both really good, I like KFC's chicken but I also like Popeyes mash potatoes.
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I've never had popeyes so I have to give it to KFC!
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I'd say Popeyes because it doesn't make me feel AS BAD as KFC.

But I'm not a peasant, and I don't hate myself.

Chick Fil A is the only clear choice for your overpriced, fried chicken needs.
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