MilestoneJust Earned My Download King+....Posted:

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Hi everyome

Just earned my Download King +

Took a few weeks, but glad it's done


It would be great to have a new badge created to earn,
and name it Download Master +

(For 600 download submits - just a thought )

The Following 6 Users Say Thank You to CalicoReidso For This Useful Post:

Mikey (03-24-2020), Luke (02-24-2020), Sean (02-24-2020), Aaron__ (02-24-2020), TTG (02-23-2020), Ninja (02-23-2020)
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Congrats mate its a nnice badge
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Congratulations my dude and that would be cool if they did have a Download Master badge!
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Nice dude, I'm working on my downloads badge!
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Congratulations keep it up and join the purple badge club.
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Dayum man! Congratulations! Boss achievement there!
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Congratulations on your achievement man, that's a badge I still haven't started trying to get

Btw if they added a new badge, they'd have to make more for news comments, tutorials, thanks, etc since they are all matching.
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Congrats, just recently got that badge too. Going for Download Master next!
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congrats i need to start working
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