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I know some user may agree or disagree with me but don't you sometimes wish Xbox reporting system was better?

For example:
I just played a game on Tom Clancy rainbow six siege and a little kid was on my team and he was communicating with our team.

Next thing I knew their was a adult calling the kid every name in the book.

This adult Xbox gamer was calling this kid brain dead and what not.

So I decided speak up and say hey he's just a kid and you shouldn't be calling him names like brain dead and what not.

Than the guy started calling me names just because I was sticking up for a little kid.

I wish the Xbox reporting system was better.

Like this adult may only get a week's suspension for what he said but I wish he got a lifetime suspension for the things he said to this poor kid.

Anyone else feel what I'm feeling?
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Well games are 18+ for a reason so you can't really complain, if the kid was being effected that much then he shouldn't be on adult games. The Xbox reporting system is broken too
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Have you ever played Modern Warfare 2 when it was in its prime? That was brutal, the new generation couldn't handle it lol
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Defo gaming is so big now and you still get those people who prey on children so they can get angry towards them
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It's more or less the parent's fault for letting the kid play a mature rated game rather than the person instigating the name-calling. Yes, morally he shouldn't be doing that but welcome to the internet. If I wanted to I could start calling people names on this website but I don't because I see no reason to. There's not a big enough incentive to stop toxic behavior in online gaming, and until there is, people will continue doing this.
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I think the report system is good on xbox when it comes to messages sent through xbox,

They allow friendly banter trash talk, but once someone steps over the line saying things like
k*ll your self
Any curse word- a friend of mine got a suspension for calling someine a bitch when he ran away the whole fight in ufc,
knew a guy get banned for saying sh*t mic to someone,
Sometimes it seems like the report feature is abit to strict its so easy to get suspended in some cases and alot of people try to bait you into an argument.

Just edited my comment i now think yesbit is the parents fault for letting kids play games above thier age range but thier is also setting on xbox to create a safe space for kids on mature games i know a kid who has family setting on and with it he cannot talk to strangers he has to add them as a friend and he does not add people often mainly his school friends and his cousins, frequently on kids games rated esrb (rated for everyone/all ages) i see a few trash talkers on roblox, minecraft, fifa especially fifa people call me F-ing sh*t alot lol tho trash talking has died down over the years i dont see it as often.

But in game voice chat and messages in game chat boxes seems like you can pretty much say what ever you want in them, dont think developers really care i have a racist xbox buddy who calls people *****rs, says to people he hopes thier granny F-ing dies of cancer hes a real toxic guy and he has been trash talking for years without a ban honestly surprised he has not been banned.
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Lol it's the internet, I honestly wouldn't expect anything better from old ass people playing the game.
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It's way too lenient now.
I miss the days of being as toxic as my brain could possibly imagine and having nothing being done.

Now I call one teammate garbage and then can't use my mic for a week.

Sorry but it's the internet, everyone is a troll and nothing is serious. No one in their right state of mind is gonna degrade a child in real life, but on a video game? Cmon. How's he gonna get any better?!?
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Xbox are pretty bad but sometimes it works out
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The Xbox reporting system has always been a weak spot, that being said the kid was playing an adult game, so if the kid couldn't handle the trash talk maybe he shouldn't play. Another way I have found was easier was actually recording what I wanna reporting, like cheaters or people harassing others and sending it to an Xbox support person online. Seems to work better and have faster results.
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