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Depends on whats happning or where i have to be.

Meeting up with friends usually 5-10 minuites late as they are never ready when they say they are lol.

Job interview abit early.

Going to a social group usually get there on the dot.

When i was in school or collage was usually on time to most classes but some went in 15 minuites late as i didn't care about the subject.

Getting the bus i make sure im at the bus stop 3 minuites before its due and if im late somewhere by missing it i blame the bus for arriving too early, alot of the time its cold and raining in northern ireland dont like waiting about outside to long and buses are usually late anyways xD
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I just be showing up
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Depends on the occasion, but usually late and not on purpose.
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usually 15-30 min early
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I'm always early asf
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Always early, don't like being late.
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back in my younger years when i went to school i was always late because i lived farther away from my school that i went to for years before i moved.

if were talking about getting to your job, id say normally im a bit early to right on time.

meeting friends i tend to be right on time.

it all depends on what im doing really
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When i was at school I was mostly late. Now I am working i like to be early/on time
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Im either early or late, I'm never really on time...
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I'm always early as I hate having to be in a rush.
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