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Hey guys hope everyones doing well, I'm not much of a welder guy so hoping to get some input on this. Is it weldable, will it hold, and hold long, this is my daily driver 520awhp 2008 STi. So any help will do me better. The shop I originally used to take it to is no longer around. So finding a shop that'll work with me isn't always easy since they didn't do any of the work. I don't mind tearing off the headers and the up pipe ( that is where the crack is) and take it to a reputable shop to get it welded. I just don't want to pay someone to weld this and it happen again a week later. Here is a pic of the crack for a better understanding. Image . I appreciate any and all the help. Thank you!
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You might want to fix your image link. Use imgur instead and embed it into your post.
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Yeah fix the link and maybe try to explain better, I barely have an idea as to what you're talking about.
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Fix the link and PM me I'm a welder, I can check it and give some advice. Might be able to do it yourself
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the link doesnt work or i could try and help
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