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Couple hours
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Pop on, have a quick scroll then go off.

Probably like 10 minutes max.
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This week I've probably been on like 8 hours a day or so tbh.
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This might answer your question lol

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I don't have exact times but pretty much whenever I'm awake I got a tab open on my phone or computer, usually checking in and all that good stuff.
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1-4hrs depending on the day. Somedays less than 5 minutes
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I've been very inactive recently but just got back on here spending a an hour for the past few days
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Around 1/2 hour and come on 3/4 times a week
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I'm not on TTG when I'm asleep and for most of my work shift.
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Used to be on it hours and hours at a time back in the day, now I'd say 20-30 mins, usually check back every couple days
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