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With the exponential increase in the number of books published each year, authors and publishers are looking for cost-effective publicity tools. Therefore, when it comes to how to market a book, virtual book tours have quickly gained popularity. They allow authors to save the time and money connected to in-person travel and preserved many benefits of a book tour. It means interacting with target audiences and journalists almost anywhere in the world, all without ever leaving home. Also, because virtual book tours can be booked through live chat options on social media, there is a built-in capability to promote upcoming tour events. Tours always have been about helping people discover new books, and moving to a virtual format doesn't change the dynamic. Social media also allows audience members to submit questions in advance, thus improving the chances that the topics covered in the discussion will be of interest to those who plan to attend; it's a win-win. Because of the efficiency and low-cost of virtual touring, it's now easier to add stops in more challenging to reach locations, or with groups that are influential but not essential. The greater flexibility means the scope of the tour can be broadened significantly, which means for better results in the long run. Also, because tour events can be schooled to fit in with other responsibilities, it's likely the tour dates can be extended and more added. Specialty groups and expanded topics can be fit in as needed. Is a virtual book tour enough to promote a book? The most effective book marketing relies upon a combination of tactics working together. The more ways you reach a target audience with information about a book, the higher the chances for sparking book sales. People buy books when they become interested, and often it takes more than one event to catch their interest. Nearly any author can hold a virtual book tour both as a means of introducing a new book to people and encouraging them to buy it. Visit us at
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