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Tomorrow (2/13) at 9pm EST, Maze , Nagisa , and I are gonna do a livestream of us doing the "Death Nut" challenge (amazon.com/Challenge-Carolina-imp...amp;sr=8-2) on Twitch. An Admin has offered to give +1000 Rep to any users that correctly guess which one of us lasts the longest without throwing in the towel.

Stream will be here: twitch.tv/qjmatt

If you want a chance at +1000, post below betting who lasts the longest, any non-edited posts that correctly guess the winner will get +1000 following the funeral.

There's videos of people on YT throwing up while trying to do this challenge so please pray for me.

Luke edit: I will be handing out the rep sometime tonight if not, then tomorrow.

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Federation (02-14-2020), UWishIWazHostin (02-13-2020), Tom (02-13-2020), Moonshine (02-13-2020), Luke (02-13-2020), RS (02-13-2020), Kanna (02-13-2020), 40 (02-13-2020), gec (02-12-2020), TTG (02-12-2020), C-U-M-M-I-E-S (02-12-2020), samule (02-12-2020), Liv (02-12-2020), Maze (02-12-2020), James (02-12-2020)
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think scizor will throw the towel first. usually good at holding his nuts down but now these ones
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Make sure to come to the shoutbox tomorrow night to know exactly when we go live and start our party

Btw my bet goes on the alpha chad maze

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I bet @Maze lasts the longest

Good luck!
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Maze. Maze is not only an alpha male, but he watches the alpha male channel 110%. That's how I know he is going to win. Alphas don't throw up.

Good Luck you 3!
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I quite literally sweat while eating ketchup

having said that


betting on myself
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Scizor, I truly know deep down that you will last the longer. In my 20 years of life I have never been so sure of anything.

You better win I want my rep
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Can I bet you'll go into cardiac arrest :')

Edit: I wanna die

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I bet on Nagisa aka Spencer boi
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