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**** yeah, I wish I was born in the 80s or 70s because of how great it must of been.
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It would be hard, but I could get used to it :p
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Hell noooo
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Probably yes, quite easily.
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Would be so hard and boring but if I had to yes definitely
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I'll be honest no i could not. I have become so dependent on the internet that i could not live without it.
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Adapt and overcome but if there was no library then there would be problems haha!
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I'm so used to having internet by now it'd probably be hard. I kinda wish I'd grown up in the 70s-80s, they didn't have internet and everything seemed a lot more chill.
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Well I lived without internet for months due to moving. Honestly it was the best thing ever because I spent time with family and didn't have to worry about people being distracted by Facebook and what not.
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Hell no!
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