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In whatever state you live in now how long have you been there for ?

I have lived in Seattle WA my whole life born and raised.

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Tennessee, not saying the town, I've lived here for about 16 years in my mom's place until about 2/2.5 years ago. I don't like it here I'm in the minority for my political affiliation and it irks me.
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i dont live in the states but i been living where i lived for 25years, technically its only been 8years but i moved back in with family after an issue i had
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I have lived in South Dakota, South-East corner for my whole life. (only 16)

It's very boring here compared to other states. Although I am unable to compare to places such as New York City as I have never been, I would say that NY is way more exciting than our very own Mount Rushmore. Although I would like to travel, I know nothing besides the Mid-west...
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just about 3 years i believe
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South Carolina my whole life. So 23 years
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I've lived in the same house, same city and all that good stuff for 23 years now. I am also 23
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I live in Colorado and been here most of my life well pretty much my whole life because we moved out here in 1999 when I was still a baby and been here ever since so 18 or 19 years now.
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20 out of my 21 years have been spent in my current city
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I've lived in Texas for a little while now since middle school. so approximately 10 years maybe?
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