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Hi everyone, a little bit ago I was gifted a puppy from one of my best friends/ brother

I named him Hoffa, (after Jimmy Hoffa) of you don't know who that is I suggest you Google it.

Anyway I am so happy and love him lots. Today I went out and bought him a bed and some new toys!

He is a Aussie Collie for anyone wondering.

Picture are here

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Cute dog I remember when mine was a puppy super cute but he was the worst took me some time to train him. are you a 1st time dog owner?
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Nice puppy, and good for you naming the pup Hoffa

We need more Hoffa's around

My Dog died about 4 years ago,
not ready to get another one yet
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wow thats a beautiful pupper!
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Make sure you give that pup plenty of walks and affection. You know what they say a dog is mans best friend
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that's a cute puppy! i am planning on getting a husky in the nearby future i'm excited
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That is one cute dog man!
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Awww man can I please have your dog haha
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Very cute man!

The owner of the farm where my gf keeps her horse has a ton of border collies and they are so cute and its crazy seeing them hoard sheep.
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Nice puppy man! First time dog owner? Your gonna have to train him it's gonna suck when he goes to the bathroom in your house or eats everything your own but once he's gets past it im sure he will be a great dog if he isn't already lol. Good luck man.
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