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Is their anyone you hate/dislike so much ?

Their is one person who I hate. My father. Horrible man.

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Hate is a strong word I don't really hate anyone just dislike them
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PxE wroteHate is a strong word I don't really hate anyone just dislike them

Do I have some news for you.
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My dad, he's been really hard to deal with because I'm lgbtq+ and he's very anti pride so it's rough
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Myself. I hate myself because I allow myself to do dumb shit and because I'm so ignorant and stubborn I keep doing it to myself.
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Uncle Sam
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**** that guy named Maze
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Yeah, Cardi B, she got me permanent banned from Twitter.
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Uhhh god there is too many people lol.

I guess my biggest hate would be my mother and brother. After my grandfather died they were the two that spearheaded the whole idea of moving from Russia to America. My sister was on the fence between moving or staying, I was vehemently for staying. Threw out my concern and we ended up over here. Once we got here it was just the most annoying shit with them. Him turning super fragile and her coddling, would make any excuse for him even if we did the exact same thing, general clear favouritism since he wasn't like our grandfather -- which my mother said on multiple times I was (which I personally take as praise.) Left at 17 years old, haven't spoken to them in almost 8 years and specifically told my mother the night before I disappeared "When I leave home, do not to look for me and don't try to have anyone contact me when either of you are on your deathbed, you're both a waste of life and I hope you both suffer." Left it at that, packed my shit at 2 in the morning and haven't looked back.
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Absolute dirt bag should be banned from this site
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