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Have any of you guys ever watched or heard of the tv show called 1000 Ways To Die and if so what's your thoughts on it?

I think they probably exaggerate some of the deaths but I don't know for sure because I never actually looked up the cases but overall I enjoy the show.
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I still have flashbacks on some episodes where I feel like I'm in a similar scenario where it could possibly happen.

For ex... Where in one episode, a person is fishing and somehow flies a fish through the air and gets it stuck in their throat, threading the gills deeper into the throat every time they try to pull it out. Like, bruh.
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I've seen a couple episodes and I thought it was an enjoyable tv show even though some scenarios were very goofy.
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i watched it when i was very young and it forever scarred me for life with some of the scenes they showed
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I just didn't know there was that many ways to die lol
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