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Just wondering if anyone here has a bad immune system and get repeatedly sick. I've been recently getting sick many many times has passed here and been on many antibiotics from having sinus infections and the flu. Has anyone had this trouble ? Any suggestions that helps ?
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I've found myself in the same position before. I was sick every week for about two months, missed work, missed school, and I didn't want to even exist. After a few months of that torture it just kind of went away. Obviously I wouldn't count on it just disappearing, I'd say talk to a doctor about it. You never know, maybe you just need to take vitamins or eat different things. Even though it seems like it's not the most important thing to worry about, it might be something serious. I'm not a doctor though. I might just be spewing burning trash right now lol
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I guess I have a pretty good one. I cannot remember the last time I got sick from anything other than a basic headache.
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Not coming to a tech forum and seeing a doctor.
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This time of year makes catching a cold a lot easier!
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Thankfully I can't remember the last time I got sick. Haven't gotten a flu shot in years either
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I have IBS which leads me to shitting about 5 times a day. I'm also limited on what food I can eat and have to take a pill every time I eat
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I don't get sick that often anymore, I really feel like it's because I take vitamins every morning that supply me with everything I need. Two gummies each morning..

Womens: walmart.com/ip/OLLY-The-Perfect-W...zWEALw_wcB

Mens: walmart.com/ip/OLLY-The-Perfect-M...XmEALw_wcB

You can read up on what exactly they provide but they are super helpful I think. They also sell them at target if you aren't a Walmart shopper! Hope this helps.
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I actually think I have a good one! I get the odd headache now and again.

But haven't been ill in ages.. I don't even get hangovers.
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Diet is a huge factor when it comes to immune system
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