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I know it's a bit early but I am curious to what everyone's resolution is?

Mine is to be healthier physically and mentally.

I am already working on those but I wanna dedicate all next year to focusing on that.
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In my opinion I don't like New Years resolutions. They aren't meaningful to me, give yourself a goal everyday that you want to accomplish
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Honestly. I'm in a great position career wise. Financially I'm doing great. I'd loved to a lot more for the ones close to me and maybe start looking at buying a house. But of course..... My main goal is to buy a damn nice car. I want to get a nice car to build on and I've had my eye on a few mustangs or even a Corvette.
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To beat Mortars score on helicopter
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Just brought a house, so i guess a nice car would be my goal for next year
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My new years resolution is to start the one I set in 2015, not got around to it yet.
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man too cut down from 40 **** a day to 20.
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i dont have one as i believe you should live everyday like its your last
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I dont do New Year's resolutions. If I want to change something I do it right away. I don't need an arbitrary day to start.

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To try harder in school next year, dropped the ball alittle bit this semester
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