GeneralIf you had one wish what would it be?Posted:

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If i had one wish is to help out every homeless person in the world

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Too easy, be a billionaire.
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To work at the headquarters for AT&T in Dallas. That truly is my goal. I have been working on it for the past 2 years.
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I have a few other things but that would be nice
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Cure my mother's cancer. Shes been battling ovarian cancer for a few years now and recently it spread to her heart. She's a fighter though, she's got it best with or without a wish.
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To speak to my mother one last time

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To have more wishes lol no real it would probably be to have enough money and some to live comfortably always have my bills paid and used some of the money to pay my parents bills.
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To be financially free
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unlimited anime body pillows for research purposes.
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