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Does anyone drive for Uber Black? If so how much money do you make and in what timeframe?
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I don't drive for Uber Black but I have a friend who does and did a small amount of research.

Uber Black base fare is $8 vs Uber X with a base fare of $2.20
It charges $0.65 per minute vs Uber X with $0.26
and it charges $3.75 a mile vs $1.30 with Uber X

So if you live in a bigger city where people use Uber, and get enough fares in about an hour depending on tips you could make around $150 with Uber Black vs $50 with Uber X.

My friend on average drives about 3 hours in the DFW area and brings around $250 on weekdays and weekends it averages closer to $350-$400

Hope this helps
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