GeneralDoes anyone do finance for gaming pc?Posted:

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Looking to buy a gaming PC on pay monthly
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I know origin PC does this however, it is much easier to just save the amount and pay it that way rather than giving them constant money monthly
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not sure how much your spending but bank loans are usually cheaper than finance
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There is plenty of places to get a PC on a monthly payment plan, here is a some places.

But going through your bank is a better and easier option for a loan.

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Mikey financed his PC he might be able to answer some questions.
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Would not suggest this at alllllll. I would suggest getting a personal loan from your bank and paying it off using that bc anything like that will have crazy interest
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As many others have stated taking a personal loan is a much better option in the long run. Safer to pay off as well; the issue with financing is you could go for a set price and end up paying more than what you would want to in reality.
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I really would not recommend financing a PC at all.

If anything, maybe buy one big component like the GPU on finance, but only if you can get a 0% APR deal, which you definitely can do(at least here in the UK).
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I got some parts from Scan to upgrade my pc. I paid 220 GBP and i got 9 months 0 interest then if i dont pay it by the set date then i pay more. I have the money ready to pay it off so will be doing so soon.
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Only if you can get a no interest loan and the parts not built versus a prebuilt are not off by much. At that point its a matter of convenience. At the time being a single income family I couldn't afford to drop 1200 on a system at once but 18 months zero interest helped with that.
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