FootballWhose the MVP of the NFL?Posted:

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Lamar Jackson deserves the MVP this year. He has beaten the Texans, the Seahawks, the Rams, and the Patriots by 2 plus scores. Not to mention the hot 49ers. All this while throwing for 2400 yards. Not to bad for a running back

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Lamar Jackson but second would be Christian McCaffrey
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Lamar Jackson has that locked in.
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Lost wroteLamar Jackson has that locked in.

I don't know about a lock. Russell Wilson is putting up a good fight.

I agree though, Jackson is in the lead right now. The questions is can he continue to keep it?
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Lamar is going to be the mvp

Russell put up a good fight but has been slacking lately and there is no one near the level lamar is on,

Hopefully tonight lamar breaks vick rushing record
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Lost wroteLamar Jackson has that locked in.

I need him to put up 30+ point tonight
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Lemar is by far the best QB this season
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I would have to agree in saying it will be Lamar. You gotta respect what the Ravens are doing. They are running an offensive system that honestly has never been seen before in the NFL and it is working quite well.
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i have to agree with you lamar without a doubt put on a show this season
with breaking michael vicks rushing record there should be no question
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