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Title says it all

I've got a regularly new HP laptop

It has a hdmi port

I might be acting so stupid but is there a way I can display my Xbox through my laptop screen so it basically acts a tv screen?

Is there app for it or isn't it As simple as a hdmi cable ??

If not

Surely man why complicate it. Somebody needs to get some software to do it man, like into tv it's just one cable does sound and picture I'm surprised this isn't invented yet, money to be made
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No, most laptops only allow HDMI signal out

You can stream your xbox to a laptop like this

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Actually the answer is yes you can, on your laptop download xbox companion app and then you can stream your xbox over wifi to your computer and play that way, ive had to do it before and there is generally no lag.
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C4 wroteNo, most laptops only allow HDMI signal out

You can stream your xbox to a laptop like this

This is probably the best and only option to play Xbox using your laptop without using a capture card. I've used this in the past without any problems. I'd recommend having both devices wired to the network with ethernet though to lower the chances of having any issues with latency.
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Thanks for all this info I was wondering the same thing at one point
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Yea streaming is the only way i've had it work but there is a slight delay I believe.
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Yeah you can, use streamlabs
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I know Xbox just rolled out a game streaming app to Android. I wonder if downloading that on BlueStacks would work. Most other options usually have a delay to it causing some annoyance.
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Using a hdmi cable on its own no. Its hdmi only our so basicly laptop to tv meaning put a movie from the laptop on the tv. U can't input to a laptop screen.
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