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Hi everyone. I'm looking for some graphics for a reptile shop I'm opening up. I need a logo along with a banner for a website header, although the logo is needed sooner rather than later. The business is called "Raw Material Reptiles" and our motto is "Genetic Arts." I'm not too concerned about colors, I'm horrible at choosing color schemes but right now the website follows these colors:

But again, I'd be willing to change the color scheme of the site in order to better match the logo. I'm arguably the least creative person I've ever met. For some help and inspiration, the logo will be listed on a list of stores similar to this:

I don't believe there are any restrictions on logo sizes, so whatever you're most comfortable with works for me. As for the banner, perhaps 1024x768 pixels? If you know better please make the correction, however I'm finding myself more in need of a logo instead of a banner so it can come later if need be.

I'd like the logo to possibly be snake-oriented, but just a text-based logo containing "Raw Material Reptiles" or "RMR" or even "RM" could also work. I don't have any specific expectations or visions, since this will be the first working logo.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I don't have a huge budget at the moment, but I'm more than willing to compensate anyone who's willing to make me something that I'll move forward with. I'll be as responsive as possible to questions, so just reply to the topic or send me a pm if you need anything clarified. I understand this a very broad request, so anything I can do to help narrow the scope of the project please let me know.
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