Xbox OneSell me your broken xbox one consoles.Posted:

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im looking to buy some broken xbox one consoles for a project I am going to be doing.

ill buy xbox's with any fault apart from the one where it turns on then turns off instantly (I don't think this can be fixed)
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Just to let you know mate, if you get one that powers on then off, it can sometimes be the mosfets that have gone bad just behind the coils down the side of the heatsink if you replace the it will sometimes fix the power problem. You can use a multimeter to test them to see if you have a bad one.

its these on this photo

Just thought i would let you know in case you had any that you had given up on. Also i have had consoles that i couldn't fix with the power issue. think sometimes it can be the APU and that would require a reball so its a dead end for me as too much effort
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