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don't ask me why, but I had a well known account back in the day and stuff happened I left and now im back

but ive been looking at some accounts that was well known lots of posts and a tonne of rep like loads

and theyre like last visted 2013 and stuff, and I get chills like to think why? like are they ok? what happened?

its strange from me probably, but like seriously what happened to them


is there still a post about senior staff? I seen it years ago...if not..example, is TTG SEAN from the uk? how old is he?

im nosy, but I wanna get to know my fellow TTG'ers

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Contact staff about getting your old account back
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They got off their asses and actually did something with their lives, not like us still here.
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Tom wroteThey got off their asses and actually did something with their lives, not like us still here.

haha that's funny!

its just mad how they're gone after so much effort and hours put into accounts that's all. suppose people grow up,eh
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Yea.. sad times
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Modding and gaming in general has all died down for most people on here (most joined for those reasons). And since neither are as popular as they used to be, their is definitely way less people in here.
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TTG Sean, is now Sean, still here and lurking.
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This place was trending at the time. Back when I joined (not really joined cause the site I was on previously merged with this) it was all about game saves and MW2 lobbies , mostly MW2 lobbies . I remember the site hitting a million members before I left in 2012. Now it's only at 2 mill which is still a large number but a significant decrease in users joined per day, I do miss seeing a massive amount of users in the SB.

Also Sean is from the UK, I do recall a user posting a pic of him after they were terminated from the site cause they were petty
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This is my first time logging in in like a year, but haven't been here actively in like 5.
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I mostly just come here for some news and to look through some of the forums and see what's going on. I don't usually post often though (as you'll see from my stats) but I've been on here for a long time and I know what you mean about the old users. I miss seeing some names from back then but life goes on and people gain more responsibilities unfortunately.
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