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Just a simple question to see what
everyones been reading and what they've read if they aren't atm.

Currently been reading Mysterious Girlfriend X myself and I'm enjoying it, recently
hit chapter 49 and I'm in love with the characters.

If you haven't read it I do recommend you give it a
try probably not everyones cup of tea but good nonetheless.
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Never read Mysterious X Girlfriend but liked the show when it first came out cause she (forgot her name) really reminded me of a good friend of mine.

Currently reading the ones everyone reads, one piece, Kimetsu no, Gangsta. , fireforce, hunter when it's not hiatus. Last chapter I read was Kimetsu no Yaiba, next is going to be one piece which should be later today
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I read a ton of manga but I'll name one

Chiisana Mori no Ookami-chan
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Literally just read the latest boruto chapter then the one punch man one
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