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I've gamed pretty much my whole life on console and only used macs for schoolwork. Recently my macbook started to decline so I decided to just get a desktop that can take care of my school and gaming needs. I have spent the last few days reading guides but please take it easy on me as I am fairly new to the whole system. I'm trying to piece this together in my spare time as finals are going on right now. Anyways,

I am looking for a price range of $800-$900 including a monitor. So far I have done my best to get a list of some of the parts that I would like but I'm fully open to suggestions on anything.

As I said before I would like to do some basic school work on the computer but the majority of what I'm paying for is to play games like Minecraft w/ shaders, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Jedi Fallen Order. I don't need to the absolute best of the best graphics and stuff but I would definitely like to be able to run a steady 60 fps and have the games look impressive. I feel like that is my overall goal since $800 is a pretty hefty chunk out of a college student's pocket.

One of the few pieces I haven't looked into is a monitor and I've found that this is a pretty crucial part as to what other components you buy. Ill list the things that look good to me below and if any certain monitor comes to mind, feel free to let me know.

I already have a decent mouse and will be looking into a mechanical keyboard at the very end but I'm not too concerned about that currently nor am I including that in the price.

From what I've read, overclocking isn't too important for what I need my pc to do so I've steered clear of it.

Again, any help is greatly appreciated and if I did the wrong formatting or put this under the wrong area, I apologize. I'll leave a list to the parts below.

Graphics Card

Processor (CPU)

Memory (RAM)


Storage (SSD)

Power Supply Unit (Missing)

Case (Missing)
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