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firstly don't shoot me down, i was on here years ago and rules may of changed!

but can we request forums and can we condone betting?

anyway im from the uk im 25 and i love football and the old casual sports bet! horses,football, boxing etc etc

sorry to say it again i sound like carl froch (i fought in front of 80k at Wembley)

but i was once upon a time quite well known on here had decent rep etc etc so im not a mess around account

but is there anyway for people from the UK and elsewhere that like to bet, is there anyway we could set up a forum some where deciated to it?

what bets people have? tips? etc etc

i know ive got minimal posts and rep, but id happily help run it and stuff, get me proper back into this site!!

just curious

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I do bets regularly professionally researched along with some longshots etc.

I earn a decent living from it. [one of many incomes lol]

I don't think it would be possible to condone this one here due to the more negative impacts to silly people betting all their money thinking they will win all the time and also chasing losses
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