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Heyo welcome back, My name is Dr. Petite, I take baths in Italian dressing while eating lettuce, and these bitches do indeed love Sosa :dab:

Today I'll be sharing a few pictures I managed to take at my most recent con of fellow cosplayers, next con I'll do a more proper show off as the convention as a whole, without further ado? (is that how you spell it)

First off I was able to get permission from all the people to upload the pictures!

These guys were at the food court at con and I admired how great they looked in cos and how obvious they made it that skin color has no effect on how you look in cosplay

Praise the sun and the Sunny D.

This guy did Geralt very well and even won the best handmade cosplay contest!

Jelly fish fields?

This is a very unique Cup Had cos and no one else had one on so I decided to take a pic of it!

Make Halo Great Again!

Honestly one of the more wholesome cosplays!

A sense of Mimicry..

Lastly a wonderful FF13 cosplay of lightning one of my favorite characters and I've also done this cosplay myself.

Anywho that was con just wanted to show some cool pictures I had, next con is in a few more months and I'll do a more put together convention post.

Till then hope you enjoyed some of the awesome cosplays

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