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TTG's favorite Trap reporting here with some rather wild news, I've hit 12k rep and I officially feel like one of the bois.

It's been a wonderful time meeting everyone and seeing people grow and getting close with members little Petite only dreamed of being friends with in the past!

Here's a pic from when me and the bois met up in Japan!


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Congrats on the milestone man!

Group photo 2.0 when?
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Not bad not bad at all sir
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Congrats brotha hopefully won't be long until I'm up there with you lot
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Congrats on 12k in 7 years
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Congrats on 12k big ones however you were already one of the bois even if you didn't realize

heart emoji

also petite edit of anime girl
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Damn nice work 12k is a madness
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Congrats, I'll be there ina few years, took me 1 1/2 years to get 1k lol
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Congratulations on 12k rep friend!
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