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  • Summer 2020
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Thx to Loke and Maze for starting me off and Bullets and Craig for sitting on the computer for hours complaining about how annoying it was with me Even tho you two did it a completely different way than me.... a harder way.

Thanks everyone

Congratulations! Message me with the answer "Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia" and the steps taken to reach the answer to receive your prize.

and I guess thanks scizor for making the contest

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Kyle (12-12-2019), Xbox (11-28-2019), Rob (11-26-2019), C4 (11-25-2019), Luke (11-25-2019), Federation (11-25-2019), oHusky (11-25-2019), Loke (11-25-2019), dj (11-25-2019), Craig (11-25-2019), Bullets (11-25-2019), 21 (11-25-2019), Moonshine (11-24-2019), Nagisa (11-24-2019), SLOPPYTOPPY (11-24-2019), TTG (11-24-2019), Scizor (11-24-2019)
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Congratulations on getting the wizard badge, extremely tough to get. I would have a better chance on getting first place on every game in the Arcade than figure out that riddle.
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I fully blame Scizor for making me waste 5 hours only to end up back where I was... Smh

Gg James you done well.
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Congrats wizard boy
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good job son
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Congrats on wizard

I'm still on step 1 so I had no chance
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Congrats man, I could've never figured that contest out.
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Congratulations James, you did a really good job! Glad I was able to help you start but there's no way in hell I'd ever be able to help you finish.
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  • Christmas!
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Congratulations on becoming a Wizard friend!
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