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Yo, im Ethan, a white dude who plays video games. Im going to high school next year. I would love to have call of duty black ops 2. If you want to hang out, then my username for Xbox is Misakabob, its the same thing as my username here. I mainly play castle crashers when i get bored and while im writing this i have a really painful headache and its really hot in the house. Well, see ya

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Xbox (12-07-2019)
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Welcome to TheTechGame dude.

I mainly play the new cod right now.
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Welcome to TTG my dude. It's the best site on the internet hands down.

side note what do you mean you would love to have black ops 2..
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Welcome to TTG! If you have any questions, feel free to message me!
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Welcome to TTG!! The place where all your dreams come true.
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Welcome to the site man
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welcome to the site man stay active
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