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So I finally achieved Arcade King. The grind has been worth it.
The countless hours of pulling my hair out while playing snake and helicopter have been worth it lol.
Next stop is top 10 in all the arcade games I think I'm currently at 20+, see you then

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Now that is respect. Congratulations! Tried a couple times on curve ball. So hard to beat them.
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Congratulations on arcade king, welcome to hair pulling out club.
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Congrats bro I'm jealous lol that badge looks good
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  • Arcade King
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Welcome to the club! Helicopter is a tuff one, gg
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Congratulations on beating Mortar, keep on destroying him in the arcade
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Xbox wroteCongratulations on beating Mortar, keep on destroying him in the arcade
Mortar used lowkey hacks
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Congrats on your new badge it's definitely a hard one to get
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