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9 years ago I join TTG looking for a mw2 modded lobby.
I would of never knew I would still be on this site after mw2 but I'm still on this website daily
9 years later I'm 24 living in nyc still ride my wr250r running from the cops for fun and living life

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Congratulations brother, this community ain't like other
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congrats man almost at a decade
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Congratz bud, Almost 10 years Ooooo.
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Congrats on 9 years
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Motto: Don't be a follower be a leader. The Federation control everything! Add me on TTG, you're all my friends! Hit me up if you ever want to game with me on PS4 or XB1.
Congratulations on 9 years man!
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congrats bro
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Congratulations on 9 years!
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Thanks guy
sorry for late reply had a busy day
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Mw2 also brought me to the forums back in 2010 But never really made an account until later on.
I miss those does. Mw2 checkerboard infections
Join someone's game back out start local game and boom you had mods it was the best
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