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I know this isn't the console fourm but I think you PC whizzes will be able to help me better than the console fourm as most of us just use a bog standard TV.

I'm looking for a decentish gaming monitor for around £100 I dont mind spending a little more but dont want to go mad I'm only a casual gamer. I'll be waiting untill black friday to order to see if I can get a nice deal. I'm from UK so is probably the best place for me to purchase from.

From my understanding theres no point in anything above 60mhz but I can get use out of freesynk - Edit: Also dont require any better than 1080p

Here's a few I've been looking at if you could let me know what to choose or suggest any better it would be appreciated!;sr=8-3 - heard mixed reviews on this, amazon says its number one best seller but with only 4 reviews I dont quite understand that when the next monitor has 1000+ also heard the 1ms response time is lies;sr=8-4 - heard great things about this monitor but above on paper appeares to have better specs;sr=8-6 - again heard good things about this monitor

Thanks in advance for any help,

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I'd avoid the Asus and BenQ monitors for sure.

The MSI Optix G241VC is a decent option. As for the 1ms response time being "lies".. it always is. Ignore advertised response times.

If it were me, I'd probably be looking at something like this;
The price on that MSI G241VC is really quite good though to be fair so either of those are solid choices.

If you just want something cheap that'll do the job well, this is an alright monitor;
It's a TN panel though, which alone is enough to convince me personally that it is not worth buying. That said, if you don't care about it being TN, it has everything else you'll need really, and for only 80 quid.
The Asus monitor uses a TN panel, and I think the BenQ also uses a TN panel but I am not 100% sure about the BenQ.
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