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My big issue with this game is that they are ignore what they have stated months ago about how they don't wanna make the game balanced like past CODS. However we have had TWO 725 updates Moro not that they are in the process of pushing out an update for tank.

Tanks are not even strong what do ever, have you tried getting kills with the APC? The people who are bitching the the people who play ground war 24/7 and run in the wide open. You are going to have people in tanks EVERY game you are going to die by tanks in ground war and if you play it enough, ya you are going to get sick of it.

I'm tired of the newer people in the COD community complaining. Look at MW2 OMA but yet people were not even all that mad about that.

Charlie intel designer post -
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You are ranting that people complain too much but you want them to buff tanks?

Also i want to note, where were you in MW2? There were nonstop complaints about OMA, Model 1887, and the grenade launcher. Thats why they heavly nerfed the model 1887, nerfed OMA so now theres a longer wait time, and the grenade launcher(still was op but it was worse).

I agree people are bitching about the stupidest things on this game(look at the reddit page, its cancer) but i believe we have always been like this, its just we are getting older and have less patience for stupid. Last part is my opinion.
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I didn't say anything about buffing tanks. They need to leave things how they are if they are not gaming breaking why listen to the people who complain? MW2 complaints weren't not even close to what they are now.
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I have been playing since Call of Duty 2. Tanks absolutely needed a nerf. I complained about Danger Close and OMA as well, while overall MW2 is one of my favorites and has my most play time. Tanks sitting on a cliff side, just blasting into one of the flag rooms while it has a trophy system on top of it while also still eating numerous rockets. They need to nerf them or lower how many are out at a time. There is also the other issue of when you spawn on one of the points, it puts you not only away from the point, but right in the middle of the road so a tank can immediately kill you.

I remember being pretty happy when I heard that they weren't focusing on balancing as much in this one as well since MW2 had weapons I loved. I could use damn near every one of them and love it. Things like tanks and the 725 are a bit different though. I don't see this a balancing move as more of a game fixing move. If they go more the route of Treyarch and micro balance every single little thing, then sure. If something is clearly lopsided, then I mean go right ahead and do something about it. I mean, too late I guess with the lopsided maps they got, but other than that...
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I lost brain cells trying to decode your post
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Ranks aren't an issue, the 725 on the other hand has been nerfed to my liking. As long as I have a good enough distance against one they won't kill me in one shot anymore.
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What in the actual hell did you just say lol
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Brilliant English!
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