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Well friends, I am finally making the switch from xbox to PC. So with that being said...

What is your budget and currency? I am looking to spend around $1200-$1300
What will you use the PC for exactly? What kind of games will you be playing? Anything other than games? I would like to do more VR type games and of course because i love this game for some reason
Do you need a monitor? If not, what monitor(s) will you be using? Yes i will need a monitor.
Do you need a keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals? Yes and yes on mouse and keyboard
Do you need an operating system? Yes
Will you overclock? Honestly not too sure what this is... maybe a little explaining or recommendations on this! Thanks
Anything else we should know?
I am more than willing to buy parts here and there if they are more expensive than the budget if it means making the VR and whole system run smoother. I am new to the whole PC building but i am more than willing to learn.
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PC Build 1
PC Build 2
Without any peripherals you're a bit on the limited side of life, but if you're willing to go with cheaper peripherals you can very easily get some more horsepower into your PC. In terms for operating systems though I would check around on google, I cannot for the life of remember where I bought my windows 10 copy from, BUT I got it for like 23.00 USD. So don't buy it from Microsoft unless you're paranoid.

The PC I have here will run just about any VR game well, only real exceptions coming in with Pavlov and VR Chat. Shouldn't have any problems with anything that isn't in VR. On that note, what are you looking at in terms of a VR headset?

I would heavily recommend these products for VR Gaming in general:
AA Batteries - Rechargeable
KIWI Pulleys
Battery Recharger
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