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It's November which means a lot of people are already in Christmas spirit, I'm personally not but I know people who are my grandma called me and already asked me what I want for Christmas. The only thing I can think of I want is a laptop for school work and that can run shitty flash games or low quality good games. What can y'all recommend for under 350$? I don't care about slim or thickness and rgb just want it to run better than my $100 used 8 year old toshiba lmao
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$350 isn't going to get you anything worth while brand new unless you stick to chromebooks / lenovo notebooks

I'd suggest browsing the refurbished models on NewEgg. Usually some good bang for your buck there and comes with a good warranty
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I'll check Newegg out, i was looking at the asus vivobook 15 for 300$ I thought it had pretty good specs for what it was
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Acer usually has that super low end covered. IIRC there was a line called nitro from them. cheap yet somewhat capable machines. I'd have a look there, but if you're looking for sleek design with basic use cases the vivobooks are a good choice.
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