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Basically I watch sidemen videos all the time. It's got me wanting to do YouTube. I have no money for film. I have internet, PlayStation 4 and an iPhone 7plus.

I need a username that's catchy and nothing to do with my name.

Any tips any advice.

Please help guys.
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I will rep
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If you're wanting to do YT for income don't bother, it's over saturated. However if you're looking to do it purely for a hobby then go for it.

With regards to a username, try and incorporate something the channel will be about, an interest of yours or just a nickname you have.
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As someone who did YouTube for a deal of time, i have a few things to say on this.

1. YouTube and making videos is harder than you think. Back when I did videos daily and was in my prime, I really burnt myself out. I would work full time as well as upload daily. Making videos takes longer than you think. You spend roughly 2-5 hours recording, depending on the video and what the video includes, then editing is roughly 3 hours minimum cause you want to make sure you do a good job on it and make sure it turns out good and is a watchable video. Then you render and do the graphics for like it like the thumbnail and so on. This is also based on if you want to take it completely seriously, meaning start as a hobby but then turn it into an income. Which like the person above said, it is over saturated

2. I would suggest using your PS4 to just start streaming, then you can get exposure in the streaming community, whether its Twitch or Mixer or something else. Also live interaction is a lot better than videos because then you can talk right there with your viewers and get their input live and so on. I have moved to more of a streaming platform, Mixer, because of the interactions you get when you are live versus recording. Only downside to streaming is that you will need to really grind it out to really get an audience built. Same with YouTube to though, you will have to really grind it out.

3. Equipment. Now it sucks to say this, but to make great quality videos you will need fairly decent equipment and along with that, a good editing software, (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc). Thats another reason why i would choose streaming over YouTube videos right now, I have the equipment but in your case, you do not. So use the integrated streaming service on your PS4 to your advantage. And in all reality, you could stream to Twitch per say, and have it export to YouTube for you, and then that way maybe people will see your streams and then try to catch you live and so on.

4. Username. Deciding a username is hard because if you dont choose the right one, you will want to change later. My ID is Gyp and i like the simplicity behind it and i originally got the ID first here on TTG. Also i just like the name and it looks super clean. But thats me, i found this word on a scrabble site while looking for 3 letter words to use on this site and it ended up sticking and i really like it. I have yet to run into another streamer or YouTuber that goes by Gyp and its unique. Like the person above, you just have to try and think of something that is you or is what your channel is about. The word Gyp means to cheat or swindle, like "I gypped you out of money" and the reason i chose that username is because at the time of when i chose it, i was modding with my RGH and doing lobbies hence cheating. And like i said before, i really liked the ID and it stuck haha.

Sorry, i kind of rambled on but this is just a few things i wanted to point out about the whole YouTube world and so on cause its not all its cracked up to be in my opinion. Its fun and all but its more of the idea of, really committing and grinding it out to get "big" but the again, having fun while doing it can also be hard. You could also start a channel with friends and do videos of you guys messing around if different games and so on. Using friends will help cause then they can share it as well as you can share your videos and you get more exposure.

Like i said, i just kind of rambled on lol. My bad. Also this type of stuff does vary from person to person, this is just my intake on it
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You'll probably change your username a lot of times like a lot of us, take something meaningful for you
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