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Title fully says it all, games nowadays are genuinely absolute rubbish, id probably litter this post with swear words if I could.

However, last week I bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare (luckily on disc so I'm actually selling it today) but oh my god its absolutely terrible, whether its the new generation of gamers or just the lack of care put into games in the present day, but every game I go into is littered with campers, and I don't just mean a few seconds in a building and move on, I mean people are literally starting the game, setting up shop and not moving until the game is finished, its badly designed, the guns are rubbish, all round a terrible game.

Last night I decided to buy NBA 2K20, Ive played all of them except from 2k19 so I thought the 54.99 on the store was well worth it, oh my lord was I wrong, id rather shove a rusty fork into my eyeball than play it any longer, reckon I grit my teeth that hard i could've shattered them I was that annoyed at spending £54.99 on yet another game that was utter trash.

got me thinking about how games nowadays have gone massively downhill, Call of Duty is so dead and I wish they'd just let it die and be remembered for the absolute whopper of a game it was, not the absolute rubbish it is today, but ive bought a few games on the store for £50+ such as WWE 2K18 (worst game I've ever played)
Black Ops 4, Fifa 19 (refuse to buy Fifa 20) The Division, The Sims 4 (quality game, just doesn't run well on console) The only AAA title ive bought in the last 3-4 years that's actually been worth it is RDR2, other than that ive genuinely just burnt a load of money.

What happened to the good days like when Skyrim came out, yeah I might've spent £50 on that but ive also got about 400 hours out of it, same with most of the old CODs, GTA etc. either way just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced the same.

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Absolutely agree. Every game seems to never finesse that quality. They either try to hard or not try at all. Especially the latest call of duty.
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Back then it was the golden years I feel and I think games are still amazing now a days but back then there was no micro transactions it sucks that we have that but it is what it is. Long story short back then was better but graphics in games and story in 2019 is fantastic!
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Maybe you're just growing out of playing games? It happens.

It could also be micro transactions and the fact its basically pay to win with most games these days.

Wish i could go back in time to cod 4 days, or even better, rainbow six vegas 2.
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I will note you are picking one of the most heavy microtransaction games ever, and those are the EA sport games.
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Depends on the games you play.

There are tons out there that are much better than games of yesteryear, and that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Watch Dogs 3
Microsoft Flight

All of those will break in new tech for games that wouldn't have been possible years ago, so from that perspective, they are a lot better than before.

Sure MP games have gotten shit over the years but that's because old games like Cod4 and the like were simple, barebones and just fun. They over complicate games these days which breaks half the mechanics that has a knockon effect to the rest.

The way I look at it is this, if you buy Call of Duty, you should know what to expect by now. If you end up not liking it then serves you right for buying it.

Sports games well, they are copy and pasted every year so again, serves you right.

This is why I'm fairly careful about the games I buy as I've been let down too many times in recent years...
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Not to be rude but maybe you're just bad. As much as I hate campers in cod, if people find that play style fun, let it be. If you know someones camping in one building and you can't kill them then its on you. Guns on MW are decent. Only thing that I have a problem with that game is spawns. Other than that its fun.
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How long have you been gaming? Gotta remember you've probably been playing games for over 10 years? If so you'll lose excitement over them and get bored a lot quicker. I've got it with this call of duty I don't hate it I just can't sit and play it for hours on end like I used to
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I just hate this lootbox and battle pass era for online games, most AAA online games feel cash grabby now. However there are still some big-ish studios out there I have faith in, CD Projekt Red for example
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Havnt tried the new Cod yet but from what i seen so far, to many tryhards & campers for me
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