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What was the first game you ever hacked/ cheated in?

For me it was Fish World on Facebook, and my second game was Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360
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I first cheated on 8 ball pool to beat all the kids at school lol jail broke my iPhone 3GS to do it
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Mine was MW2 unless you count doing glitches on older gen games.
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Halo 2

Nothing about boosting, I just glitched myself into high places out of the map to take out people with a sniper at a distance.

2nd would be call of duty 3. Glitching my way into walls where I can shoot out and they can't shoot in. Game was so broken.
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One of the earlier fifa's on 360 when you could edit game save for your 'be a pro' character and set all of his stats to 99 lol.

Then after that COD4 lobbys for sure
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I used to host infrction lobbies for waw
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World at war iso days
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Cod 4 glitching turned into cod 4 ufo mode via usb. Which then turned into cod 4 switching teams on public lobbies (snd, throw a grenade and switch teams, BOOM) then that turned into cod waw zombie usb mods.. and the rest is history.
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MW2 Infection lobbies or some stupid old web browser game
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Used to mod Midnight club LA haha and Car Wars in Facebook before anything CODS's
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