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I am currently playing Doom (2016) then after I pass that I am going to play the newest tomb raider game that came out. What are y'all playing?
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Halo 3 because there isn't a single new game for this generation that is worth playing. So play a game over a decade old instead.
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I finished my solo run thru Borderlands 3 last week, playing Modern Warfare now, and I still often play Forza Horizon 4.
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I'm playing mw atm but am gonna be starting the witcher 3 along side, I did play it a while back but it's been that long I'm gonna have to start a new game just to learn the ropes again
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Pubg, MK, Rainbow Six
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Been playing destiny 2 and got a switch 2 days ago so been playing Zelda breath of the wild
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A lot of the new COD, prior though I was playing lots of MW2, MW3, and black ops 1.
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Modern warfare usually, but I also play battlefield and Rainbow six.
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Still black ops 4. Little broke as per usual.
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Destiny 2
Forza horizon 4 (drifting mostly)

I play forza because i dont have money for a drift car,
So instead i spent 4k on a room dedicated for simulation drifing.
But mostly i just play Destiny because it reminds me of older pc games where i had to grind, also love that the game itself is not ran out like most games..even games that just release go bad so quick now

Add me on xbox one : Culaj

(At least be older than 18 tho bc ion like talking to kids.)
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