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Anyone elses game still bugged if not even more so since the update?
Like gun progression still stuck at 1, emblems not showing next to levels on in game leaderboards, when dying in SnD you just randomly spectate the sky rather than next player.

Also shitguns still knocking heads off across the map.
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Shotguns range has been nerfed a little bit so it doasnt shoot as far. Close range it still knocks people halfway across the map.

In terms of the gun ranks that's gonna be a glitch that will take months to fix if they even decided to fix it as you know it's gonna take time and man power to fix that.

The game all round is glitchy and that is due to the servers not loading names , ranks and stuff in a pre game and on leaderboards.

Don't expect these things to change anytime before Christmas lol
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