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The problem I have is that my CPU fan + heat sink fell off (i'm guessing the screws became loose overtime) and when that fell off the little circuit board below the heat sink fell off as well. Also seems like the board got damage a bit as it's missing a few pieces in the corner. I will leave some images below in case that helps.

Is my PC completely done? Can I just put this piece back on? If not, can I just replace this specific part?

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well you have a few options

1. hope your cpu is gonna work put it back into the slot add new thermal paste then put the heat sink back on.

2. if 1 failed welp you are gonna have to replace the cpu it will say what cpu it is on the other side just google that then just replace it you could also upgrade the cpu since you have to buy a new one anyway

3. and if those still fail just yeet it off a roof
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Better angles and mapping of damage is needed. I can't really tell if you have bent pins or see any actual damage. More or less I'm amazed you didn't notice your CPU was burning in a literal sense until this happened.
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