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So during the 3 days of no internet due to moving to a new place i decided to dive back into Photoshop and make 3 Tags/Sigs these are the results.

On a more personal note Its a shame to see the graphic section slowly deteriorating compared to how it was when i first arrived but regardless this section is the very few homes of my designer life so ill always share whenever i whip up something.

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Love the top picture, Dope as hell.
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I really like the top one the most, the other are really good as well.
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Dope. It reminds me of 5 years ago when TTG had a weekly sig contest or when making sigs that size had a huge scene.
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Amazing work indeed.

Wish the lighting of the moon would glimmer more on the guy in the second picture, as well as a better shadow of his figure on the clouds behind him depending on where the moon is. Maybe blend the moon in better too?

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Looks great, absolutely love the smudging in the B&W one. Like MegaDeth said, brings me back to the hayday of the graphics section here, back on my first account 8 years ago the forum sig community was the main draw for me
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Man I really love the top one it would be great in a higher resolution
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The top one is awesome. I would have to say the bottom one is my favorite though.
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Awesome work mate, my favourite has gotta he the middle one
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Damn man they all look amazing.

Please keep sharing your work with us. Even if it's not as active as it once was we have many areas like that around here.
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