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Not sure if this is the right section or not but i figured this would be a good place to start. I have 2 autographed hats from Post Malone. Both hats are limited edition from when he did a colab with lids. So it was a limited production hat now with his signature. I dont want to sell but just curious on how much it would go for. If one day i decide to sell them I would list it up for $500. Im not sure if thats too high or low.

Now for hypothetical. I have a hat of his from when he was basically a nobody and was doing his 'Hollywood Dreams Tour'. So that hat cannot be found anymore and it is a rare hat now. My question is what if i were to get that signed, what would his signature do to the value of the hat?

And if you guys want to know he signed it during his 'Goodbyes' tour at the Capitol One Arena in DC and I have him on video signing both hats. So the signature is legitimate.
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